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Autumn Days


Guest blog by Debbie Davies.


      Autumn is probably my favourite season, I mean the blue sky, autumn leaves, woolly jumpers kind of autumn, not the dank, rainy days and dark evenings.  There is a feeling of things slowing down, an appreciation of the beauty still to be found in the garden but without the pressure to do very much.


Last week I had a therapeutic session clearing out the greenhouse, I had grown tomatoes and chillies in there over the summer (although the tomatoes had been woeful) and it was time to clear the decks. Some of the chillies were brought inside onto the kitchen windowsill to hopefully keep going throughout the winter, but all the tomato plants were taken out and composted. I gave the greenhouse a good sweeping out, disturbing a fair few spiders in the process and moved some of my tender plants from the patio into the greenhouse to protect them from the colder weather that must surely be just round the corner.   Here are some tasks you can be doing in the garden now;


  • Planting spring bulbs whether in containers or in the ground. Tulips can wait to be planted, November or even early December will be fine for them but bulbs such as Narcissi, Anemones and Hyacinths should be planted now.
  • Rake up fallen leaves, if collected together and left to rot down for about a year they will produce leaf mould which can be used as a great soil conditioner.



  • Improve your soil for next year by adding a thick layer of organic matter such as home-made compost or well-d manure.
  • Harvest any apples, pears or other orchard fruits and store them in a cool, well-ventilated but frost-free place.



Then after all that hard work you can retire to the wood-burner and enjoy your harvest with a big slice of  homemade apple cake – Happy Autumn!   



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five minutes with ….. Eleanor Rose Jewellery

We are getting to know our designers a little better, with a few insights into their creativity and future plans. Jane, from Eleanor Rose Jewellery, is our first guest.   

Have you always been creative?  

Looking back I guess I’ve always been on the creative side and really enjoy the process of making or changing something – pottery, painting or up-cycling furniture for example.


How did you get started as a jewellery-designer?

I discovered jewellery making after making bracelets and necklaces for my daughter as gifts for good luck and keepsakes and soon became hooked!  These gifts extended to friends and family and beyond and I’m pleased to say my bracelets are now also available on www.whatialwayswanted.com. As my daughter was my initial inspiration Eleanor Rose jewellery is named after her.


 Is designing your full- time job?

Designing jewellery is part-time at the moment but I would love it to be my full-time job.


What have you designed that has not made it to whatialwayswanted.com  yet?

I have  designed a co-ordinating jewellery collection with semi-precious beads and sterling silver, with bracelets that can be mixed, matched and stacked. They are so easy to wear, great for any age and can be made to size for a perfect fit.  There are so many gorgeous semi-precious beads to choose from but I plan to add a selection of Indian Agate bead bracelets to whatialwayswanted.com. The beads are truly beautiful in an array of muted colours from moss-green to gentle mauve.

As for the future I plan to remain a one-man band as designer-maker-seller, as I love the whole process, but to do much, much more!


Please name an item on whatialwayswanted.com that you would love to have and why.

I have bought several handmade items from whatialwayswanted.com as gifts.  If I was treating myself I would love an evening bag by Bleuet Textiles for a touch of individual style and glamour and a beautiful umbrella by Love Umbrellas to make rainy days cheerful.  I love to support independent designers and small businesses, it is the best way to discover the most wonderful, unique and individual gifts with great personal customer service – it’s the best way to shop!


And now some questions just for fun.


Tea or Coffee -  Coffee

Winter or Summer –  Summer

Xfactor or Strictly  –  Strictly

Holiday home or Abroad –  Abroad

Cinema or DVD -  Cinema

Cat or Dog –   Dog (with apologies to our cat!)

Christmas or New Year  -Christmas

Pepsi or Coke –   Coke (with a splash of Bacardi)

Fruit or Veg –   Fruit

What is your favourite book?  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

What is your favourite film?  High Society

Your favourite Band/Musician  Sting


Thank you so much Jane for giving us an insight into your world. To visit Jane’s lovely shop just follow the link http://www.whatialwayswanted.com/m106/Eleanor-Rose-Jewellery/index.html


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Guest blog post by Alison Scaife.


We are thrilled to welcome Alison, a happy customer and mum, on her thoughts on her recent purchases from Diane at Naughty Dog ….. http://bit.ly/1olqJpx


Living at the zoo. That’s what it feels like at my house. Not too bad for a highly allergic person with an animal mad daughter. Apparently a cat in the kitchen cannot possibly cause an allergic reaction. We must have a magic kitchen. I’ll have to go to the newspapers about that.


Somehow we seemed to have acquired 3 stray cats, a rabbit and we have two rabbits of our own, this could change at any moment and at any time. Over the years we have had:-


Captain the friendliest rabbit.  

Ginger the escape artist Syrian hamster. We lost him for almost 2 weeks.

Snowball and Snowy the Russian Dwarf  hamsters.

Marble another Syrian hamster.

Then there’s the goldfish. Doreen, Nemo and Bubbles. No I wasn’t allergic to these.

Oreo and Fluffy are our 2 female rabbits and Rabs is the male rabbit who was abandoned.  Lucky for him we found him.

Then the stray cats. Smokey, Simba and Ron, the newest stray cat to appear.



Now of course pets can’t live forever. Cue the best present an Aunty can give to her pet loving  Niece, the personalised pet cushion from www.whatialwayswanted.com . Captain, my daughters beloved first rabbit, forever immortalised and holds pride of place on my daughter’s bed.


These pets have been an answer to my daughters plea “Can I have a dog?” Nothing worked but then my sister and her family got a German Shepherd, Jaz. My daughter’s dream came almost true. A great friendship was born. Unfortunately, we don’t get to visit my sister often but again my sister steps in with the ideal gift . Jaz personalised on a handmade pet cushion, now sitting amicably next to Captain for many years to come.


Thank you so much www.whatialwayswanted.com



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I’d rather be in the garden

Guest blog by Debbie Davies.

Welcome to my third guest blog for What I always Wanted.  Prompted by the team, I thought I would tell you a little about myself and my passion for gardening.