Guest blog post by Alison Scaife.


We are thrilled to welcome Alison, a happy customer and mum, on her thoughts on her recent purchases from Diane at Naughty Dog …..


Living at the zoo. That’s what it feels like at my house. Not too bad for a highly allergic person with an animal mad daughter. Apparently a cat in the kitchen cannot possibly cause an allergic reaction. We must have a magic kitchen. I’ll have to go to the newspapers about that.


Somehow we seemed to have acquired 3 stray cats, a rabbit and we have two rabbits of our own, this could change at any moment and at any time. Over the years we have had:-


Captain the friendliest rabbit.  

Ginger the escape artist Syrian hamster. We lost him for almost 2 weeks.

Snowball and Snowy the Russian Dwarf  hamsters.

Marble another Syrian hamster.

Then there’s the goldfish. Doreen, Nemo and Bubbles. No I wasn’t allergic to these.

Oreo and Fluffy are our 2 female rabbits and Rabs is the male rabbit who was abandoned.  Lucky for him we found him.

Then the stray cats. Smokey, Simba and Ron, the newest stray cat to appear.



Now of course pets can’t live forever. Cue the best present an Aunty can give to her pet loving  Niece, the personalised pet cushion from . Captain, my daughters beloved first rabbit, forever immortalised and holds pride of place on my daughter’s bed.


These pets have been an answer to my daughters plea “Can I have a dog?” Nothing worked but then my sister and her family got a German Shepherd, Jaz. My daughter’s dream came almost true. A great friendship was born. Unfortunately, we don’t get to visit my sister often but again my sister steps in with the ideal gift . Jaz personalised on a handmade pet cushion, now sitting amicably next to Captain for many years to come.


Thank you so much



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