I’d rather be in the garden

Guest blog by Debbie Davies.

Welcome to my third guest blog for What I always Wanted.  Prompted by the team, I thought I would tell you a little about myself and my passion for gardening. 


Several years ago I made the switch from staff nurse in a local hospice to gardener and I have never looked back. I studied at a local College (Myerscough)  for RHS qualifications and now work part-time as a self-employed gardener giving me the chance to work in some lovely local gardens.

I also volunteer for a horticultural project run by Urban Organics based in Blackpool which involves working mainly with visually impaired adults.  This is great fun and very rewarding.  Gardening has real therapeutic benefits and hopefully this is the area I will specialise in in the future.

Whenever I get the opportunity I escape to the peaceful haven of my allotment which is a sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life. Growing veg is a passion of mine and there is nothing to beat the taste of a newly picked strawberry still warm from the sun or a delicious fresh salad without a limp lettuce in sight.

Although at times it feels like I spend my life in wellies with mud under my fingernails and I long for a bit of glamour in my life I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am lucky to have a job that I love and which is also my hobby and when the sun is shining down on your back and the birds are singing it is the best job in the world.



Debbie x

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