snowdrops in spring

Guest post by local garden enthusiast Debbie Davies @herbandbee

As part of a small series of posts on ‘in the garden’ for What I always Wanted, let me start by introducing the most hardy, yet delicate, of flowers around this time of year.

February is not one of my favourite months.  Pancake Tuesday aside it has little to recommend it.  However we can’t ignore the fact that Spring really is waiting just around the corner.  The Snowdrops in the garden are finally flowering and although they are a little sparse they are a welcome sight.  In an attempt to one day have a beautiful drift of white in the woodland area of the garden, I planted approximately 200 bulbs in the autumn and plan to plant some more “in the green” (when they have finished flowering but are still in leaf) in a few weeks. Hopefully numbers will increase each year until I achieve the desired effect.

Snowdrops are symbols of hope, the delicate looking flowers thrust their heads through the snow and ice, they remind us that although it might not feel like it at the moment spring will come – there is hope.




My next post later this week will introduce the top 5 things to do in your garden this month of February in preparation for Spring.

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  1. What I Always Wanted says:

    Thanks Debbie for introducing us to the wonderful world of our gardens in early Spring. So looking forward to your further posts for some more tips!


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