February in the garden

Second of a series of guest posts by local garden enthusiast Debbie Davies @herbandbee

As a result of all the wet weather we have been having recently the garden has been a bit of a no-go area.  The soil is still so soggy it is impossible to work and although the lawn has continued to grow apace, attempting to mow it would result in a churned up mess.  However, there are still some things that can we do in the garden to prepare for spring.



5 things to do in your garden in February

  • Clear away any fallen leaves or debris which may be covering the newly emerging shoots of spring flowering bulbs such as Narcissus and Crocus.


  • Lift and divide clumps of snowdrops or buy new ones to plant ‘in the green’ (just after flowering)


  • Cut off old leaves of hellebores to expose the flowers and remove any foliage affected by hellebore leaf spot.





  • Prune summer-flowering Clematis towards the end of the month. Varieties that flower in May and June (Group 2 varieties) should be cut back by about half – two thirds and those that flower in July or later (Group 3) cut back to about 30 -40 cm (12-18 inch) above ground level, always cutting to just above a bud.




  • And finally If the weather is just too awful it can be a good excuse to indulge in some planning for the season ahead so curl up in front of the fire with a seed catalogue or garden magazine and dream …..


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