The Ethical Shopper

If someone were to ask you are you an ethical shopper, what would you say? You could even ask yourself, what does it mean to be an ethical shopper?

Simply put, in this modern age we live in there are many opinions and thoughts about actions we can take to shop more ethically. We stumbled upon this blog post on EthicalBox which asked 30 influential people and industry experts to give just one bit of advice that they would give to someone who wanted to shop more ethically.

The results are some sound advice and great tips for any shopper who wants to get behind the ethical movement and exchange bad shopping habits for simple actions with a more positive feel.

The ideas in this post that resonate with us and our ethos are shopping locally and supporting small, independent businesses such as the wonderful designer makers we feature on our site.

By shopping locally and purchasing items from independent businesses, you as a consumer help to maintain ethical and sustainable standards set by that business. By buying from huge retailers it is known that these standards are unable to be maintained due to the sheer size of the companies. As a bonus you will feed good about supporting local trade and come away with a product which is more unique and personal than something purchased on the high-street.

Another cause which we support here at WIAW is the campaign Just A Card started by artist and designer Sarah Hamilton. The campaign was started after Sarah saw a quote from shop keepers who just had to close their gallery which said: “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had just bought a card we’d still be open.”

The campaign aims to serve as a reminder to people just how important every single purchase is to a small business and that one person really can make a difference to the future of these independent artists, designers and creatives.

We have so many fabulous designers, many of which create cards for any and every occasion. Here a just a few!


To view all of our card collection simply follow the link to our shop here!

It really is crucial to consider the independent business that are on your doorstop and to support them as it is always wonderful to see unique and one-of-a-kind businesses on our high streets. So next time you pass one, pop in and do your bit to support the hard working designers, makers, artists and creatives in your area.

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