A Nation of pet lovers

It is not an unknown fact that the UK has quite a reputation for being a nation of pet lovers and recent statistics only agree with this sentiment.

Only last year it was estimated that 46% of households in the UK have pets, with fish, cats and dogs being our top three favourites. Another recent study revealed that we love our pet dogs as much as we love our children as our oxytocin levels spike when we see our dog gazing lovingly at us. This release of oxytocin is more often known for triggering feelings of unconditional love between a parent and child when looking at each other or embracing.

We love our pets here at WIAW and are lucky enough to have designers who share our love and make wonderful products to help you show everyone what your pets mean to you! Here are a few of our favourite bespoke products celebrating the creatures in our life, whether they be great or small.

One of our most popular designers, Naughty Dog has a wonderful talent in taking a photograph of your pet and making it into a personalised cushion fit for any room in the house. Whether you’re a dog lover, a fan of felines or have an equestrian friend, simply send an individual picture of your pet and it will be transformed into a hand appliquéd cushion cover. Owner of Naughty Dog Diane has even expanded her design range to include rabbits and pigeons so every pet can be celebrated!


Click here to view some of the lovely images and finished products.

If cushions aren’t for you then one of our new designers, Katie Hampson, might just have what you are looking for. Katie from the North West specialises in working with mixed media and using deep and vibrant colours to result in outstanding and memorable pieces of unique art.

She creates fine art in A2, A3 and A4 sizes depending on your specifications and is happy to produce a painting of any animal of your choice. We love Katie’s talent of creating extremely realistic portraits with flashes of dreamy colours.


Also working with cushions but in a much different way is Shoot My Dog‘s Helle who uses her photography skills and pop art influence to create colourful and contemporary handmade cushions.

Shoot My Dog offers the option of cushions personalised with your dog, as well as having some light-hearted cushions featuring dogs in yoga poses in her collection. Helle’s cushions are finished luxuriously with linen and silk being used for the fronts of her products.


As well as homewares we also have talented jewellery designers for those who want to show their love for their pets everywhere they go.

Rachel of The Magpie’s Daughter specialises in vintage inspired trinkets that are both beautiful and wearable. Her jewellery has a plentiful range with teacup necklaces to earrings inspired by hexagons and worker bees but we have picked out two pieces perfect for the pet lovers among us.

Our first product is this charming running rabbit necklace, a lovely gift for yourself or a friend with a love for this sweet animal. The rabbits are gold brushed brass on a darker brass necklace to give them a vintage and unique look.

Next we have these cat and mouse hoop earrings, we love the way the mouse looks to be teasing the cat below him. These earrings are made of golden brass following the vintage theme that flows through The Magpie’s Daughter‘s work.

We hope you liked our pick of our favourite pet themed products, they could make the perfect present for a pet loving friend or just a special treat for yourself!

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