Why I LOVE What I Always Wanted

Guest post by Denize Ashton of LythamLife&Style


I’m a big advocate of shopping locally, BUT I am also a bit of a hypocrite! We sometimes don’t have time to browse lots of different shops, and “department stores” are sadly in decline, where WIAW fits in, it’s like the BEST department store EVER!! So many different departments all with objects of desire, all BRITISH handmade designs and by fresh independent creative designers.


SO here are MY personal highlights, and who I would buy them for ……if I don’t end up keeping them for myself!!


Designer Darling

Have you a glamourous, always perfect, designer (darling) girlfriend/sister/mate……Yep, what the heck do you buy them? A box set of smellies just aint going to cut it….she’ll bury it in the bathroom never to see light of day, so how about these…..three words CHOCOLATE DESIGNER SHOES!!


handmade chocolate designer shoes

handmade chocolate designer shoes

They are SO scrummy, in every sense of the word!!


Quirky Teenager

Next up for a quirky teenager, who would DIE if she wore anything vaguely conventional. These tights are amazing, to wear with shorts, a little flippy skirt or a tight body con dress……in black or in nude or in a gorgeous plum.


Tights with tattoo style hand printed design.

tattoo style hand printed tights


Elegant Lady

For anyone who loves their jewellery, this range of necklaces, bracelets and accessories by Maneggi is simple yet intricate, if you know what I mean, intricate up close but providing a simple silhouette, looking beautiful on skin but equally good over a plain black top or white shirt. In the same range there is a black/white brooch which is an absolute classic for adding a little extra edge to a jacket or LBD.


Black and gold ribbon necklace.

black and gold ribbon necklace


Pet Lover

I have a couple of family members whose lives revolve around their four legged hairy companions, I have bought doggy mugs, doggy pictures, aprons, mouse mats…………in fact I have COMPLETELY exhausted doggy paraphernalia, so how delighted am I to find these for really different and personalised gifts by Naughty Dog!!

Other animal species are available!!

Hand appliqued cushion cover, personalised with your pet.



House Proud Girl or Guy

We all love our homes more than ever and most of us do not want “identikit” looking rooms, nothing worse than seeing soft furnishings all matching, bought from same range, bring out your mates inner interior designer and allow them to MIX IT up!!

Take your lead from the young designers gathered together on WIAW, like Annabel Perrin whose eccentric collection of vibrant homeware would accent any room. My personal likes are the Imperial & Hemlock designs. Buy them a cushion and it could be their starter for a whole new room!

I also am drawn to Lomas & Lomas who also have a brilliant range includes cushions, lampshades & wallpapers plus handmade natural candles to fragrance your home. Really love their designs as they use vintage & antique prints to create a very contemporary look………..but what I do like best is their candles….I am the candle QUEEN……..I have votives, melts, jars, tins, beads and possibly EVERYTHING wax related……….the difference being the Lomas & Lomas ones seem to be sharper, sweeter, more refreshing & more heady than any others I have tried and they are 100% natural soy wax too, so last substantially longer that traditional candles and an added extra of a lovely Lomas & Lomas butterfly design on them too.

Also a perfectly acceptable gift for hard to buy for men they would be very pleased with the Mandarin & Lime, Orange & Basil or Grapefruit.


Handmade natural scented candles.

handmade natural scented candles


Talking of male relatives/friends, I have bought these recently for a brother and they can be engraved with any name (or numbers) up to eight letters. Handmade by Clara Smith jewellery, they have a charming vintage look and feel. The ones I ordered were engraved Bert & Ernie, which is an in family joke, don’t even ask. Great idea for anniversary or wedding gift too!! Check out Clara Smith’s range for yourself…whoops, I mean for other gifts too.


personalised silver name cufflinks

silver name cufflinks


So they are just a few of my personal favourites……and yes I do want them all myself!!

Take a browse of the website, and let them suggest gifts using the For Him/Her/Couples/Kids menu items, it would also be lovely if you could let them know what your faves are too.

This is not a sponsored post.



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