The perfect gift for your Valentine

Guest post by Abby McKay


Happy February everyone!

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and the rush to find a present for your other half has begun, but just what is the perfect present to buy? In this post we will look at buying for those with birthdays in February, a gift suitable for a family celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together and a little something for that dream Valentine!

For people with a birthday in February, such as Holly Willoughby who will be turning 33 this year, why not treat them to something unique but also practical from one of our newest designers, Love Umbrellas.

Bespoke umbrella with handmade heart design detail.

Love to dream umbrella

As the rain is still inevitable at this time of year it’s always wise to have an umbrella handy and why not stand out of the crowd and brighten up a gloomy day with one adorned with hearts, bows, butterflies or sparkles?

Bespoek umbrella with handmade butterfly design

Butterfly candy umbrella

Each bespoke item from Love Umbrellas can be customized with different colours and embellishments which make them extra special and unique whoever you buy them for. The butterfly umbrella above costs £29.95 and can be made in a variety of colours with different coloured details and the heart  umbrella costs £21.95 and can also be made in numerous colours.

Bespoke umbrella with handmade sparkle design.

For Holly’s birthday I would choose the sparkle umbrella to go with how stylish she always looks. I think any colour would look great with her statement blonde hair and glamorous style and the sparkles really add a luxury and special touch.

For William and Kate this will be their first Valentine’s Day as a family with baby Prince George, so I have found the perfect personalised gift for those celebrating the day with those they love most.

This love line from The Bea’s Knees and The Cat’s Whiskers would be a wonderful addition to any family home and the love theme makes it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can mark special days such as their wedding and the birth of baby George and hang it up for everyone to see.

Personalised typography love line design

Personalised love line print

The love line print costs £42 and comes with the option of three different frames or even unframed so it can be made to suit the décor of any home. It is a wonderful sentimental gift that captures those special moments in time so they can be remembered forever.

For my perfect Valentine this year I have chosen actor Ryan Gosling and picked out the gift I think would suit him best. As an animal lover, Ryan has a dog George which he reportedly takes everywhere so I think a personalised pet cushion from Naughty Dog would be a great present.

Appliqued cushion cover, personalised with your pet

The cushion costs £35 and can be personalised using an image of your pet to be recreated in applique and you can get different sizes, backgrounds and even text put onto the cushion.

It’s the perfect gift for all cat and dog lovers and means you can take keep your pet with you if you ever go on a trip and they can’t come along. It would look stunning in a living room or bedroom and it is a really original and special gift for pet lovers.



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