Miel/b and Lister & Bell

 Guest post by Helen Murray


Handmade silk scarves by Miel-b

Handmade silk scarves by Miel/b


We love celebrating individualism, craftsmanship and gorgeous gifts so today we thought we’d put two of our fabulous designers in the spotlight. From scarves to handbags, we love our accessories and since spring is on its way, why not have a look at Miel/b’s chiffon scarves to add a touch of glamour to your spring wardrobe? Kate from Miel/b loves everything vintage and came up with the idea to print scarves after taking inspiration from her late grandfather’s postcards and matchbook illustrations. They’re a truly British product and are designed, printed and finished in the UK. Once they’re part of your wardrobe you’ll want to wear them at every opportunity to show off the quirkiness of her King George scarf, or the details in her postcard-printed scarf and because you can style them as everything from neckties to headbands, they’re a real conversation starter. Miel/b also offers a bespoke service so if you’ve ever felt inspired by memorabilia or illustrations in an old book you can now and give them new life in a contemporary scarf and we’ll make sure the design is exactly what you’ve always wanted! (too cheesy?)


Handmade leather bags by Lister & Bell


You might have noticed Lister + Bell’s designs in our giftshop. A unique and eye-catching series of bags, they’re a labour of love for Christine Bell, a former art student. Lister + Bell’s bags show a love of experimenting with print techniques and have created this collection in a range of natural colours from rich tans to light beige with a decorated panel adding embellishment to the subtle design. Carefully crafted, they’re perfectly suited to anyone who has an appreciation for unique accessories. Every bag is lined with patterned silk or cotton and comes with a dustbag to make sure it’ll last a lifetime. Her bags are all about the details – the more you look at them, the more you’ll fall in love with them! Many of the bags are finished with antique clasps and while the natural leather ensures every bag is unique, some of the designs are completely one-off so don’t hesitate to place your order if you want a piece of craftsmanship that is truly one of a kind.

Both of these designers offer free UK delivery so they’re a perfect option for an unforgettable gift.


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